30-Day Challenge: One album a day.

                                                   ~ Day 2 ~


Title: De Lá Até Aqui

Artist: Móveis Coloniais de Acaju

Released in: 2013

Móveis Coloniais de Acaju is a brazilian band, specifically from Brasília, that was formed in 1998. Because Brasília is not a really old city (founded in 1998) it’s said that its inhabitants have different origins, and so happens with the Móveis ten members, as a result, the band has a unique and diverse style, that mixes saxophone, trombone, flute, keyboard and some other instuments, and influence of  indie rock, post-punk, garage rock, ska and música típica brasileira (typical brazilian music).

I had already downloaded their first two albums “Idem” from 2005, and “C_mpl_te” from 2009, and if you like “De Lá Até Aqui”, you can find the other two on their website.

I discovered Móveis Coloniais de Acaju because, for my portuguese class, I had to do a presentation about a brazilian band, so I went to Wikipedia and randomlly found this one, and I’m glad that happened. It’s hard to describe the sound, because, since I’m not brazilian, I can not assure that their songs are a representation of the culture of this country, but I can say I love what I’m listening to, even though I don’t know for sure what they are saying. Their sound is completely different to what I’ve heart before, therefore is really hard to find something like this. So, if you want to listen to something absolutely new, give this band a chance. 

Here are some of the songs I liked the most:

Nova Suingueira

Vejo em Teu Olhar

Campo de Batalha

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30-Day Challenge: One album a day.

In an attempt to expand my playlist, I’m going to download an album per day for 30 days. 

Also, I’m not going to do an actual review of the album, I’ll just add a short description of it and the artist.

                                                    -  Day 1.  -


Title: Música Moderna.

Artist: Paté de Fuá.

Released in: 2007.

Paté de Fuá is a mexican band,  whose style is described as a mixture of tarantellas,  dixieland, bal-musette, tango and jazz. Although the two liders of the band are from Argentina, they all considert their project as something “a 100% mexican”. Música Moderna is their first album. 

As i said, the band mixes different styles, to create really harmonious pieces, and, with the strong but delicate voice (that’s kind of hard to expleain) of the lead vocalist, make this album a pretty interesting and beautiful project. 

Here are some of the songs I liked the most:

La Colegiala

La Canción del Linyera   (This one is a cover of a song by the argentine singer Antonio Tormo)

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